Err on the side of action

I originally set up this blog so I could record the amazing adventures of my gap year. It was a lovely way to record the time but also a great way to update people at home - it also really helped me to write down what had been happening and to look back and see what God had been doing in my life. Since my gap year another fairly big life event has happened – I got married!!


Lessons from India

My last few weeks in India were pretty busy and now I’ve been home in the UK for a week now so I feel like I should catch you up on a few things... Let’s rewind to the 15th August- India independence day! Gnana Deepam had their sports day on independence day and my goodness,... Continue Reading →

Home alone, jackfruit & vowels

I’m into my final month in India, whaaaaaaaat?!?! I seriously can’t believe I only have less than 3 weeks left, how crazy is that?! So I survived my week home alone in India while Simon, Sarah and the kids went on holiday. I’m pleased to report that myself, Rusty the chocolate lab and Sarah’s plants... Continue Reading →

Halfway through already?!?

Guys I can't believe it! I’m half way through my time in India! These past 6 weeks have flown by and also it feels like it was ages ago that I arrived! Time is such a funny thing.  It's a shame I haven't been able to update my blog until now, but you don't know... Continue Reading →

My Indian adventure begins!

I’m finally in India!! After lots of preparation, packing and travelling, I’m actually here! Although it did look a bit doubtful at one point- here’s the story I mentioned in an earlier post that I said I would expand on at a later date. I had already had a problematic time applying for my visa,... Continue Reading →

One Thing

Just one thing I ask and this I will seek, If only to know You. To be where You are and go where You lead, My God I will follow -One Thing, Hillsong

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